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Professional Fridge Cleaning Services in Newcastle

BBQ Cleaning Newcastle provides professional fridge cleaning services at a very affordable price. Our professionals treat your requirement with proper care to ensure that the task is done thoroughly, leaving you happy with our results. We make sure that every inch of your fridge is covered well and nothing gets missed out. You can rest assured as we are also available on weekends and public holidays for emergencies, so don’t worry if it gets into more mess or repair late in the evening or on weekend days when most businesses are closed.

Having a Clean Fridge is Important For Health Reasons

BBQ Cleaning Newcastle fridge cleaning Services

Are you sick and tired of the smell emanating from your refrigerator? Try contacting us for professional fridge cleaning services in Newcastle and have your fridge cleaned by experts.

Fridges and Freezers are some of the essential items in any home. They are a source for storing all kinds of food, beverages and other household products. Consequently, they have to be maintained well so that they can serve you properly without any problems. With the refrigerator being such an essential part of your modern lifestyle, it is incredibly vital to keep its cleanliness and hygiene on a top priority list. The increased levels of dirt and germs will reduce its life span tremendously and produce foul odour attracting pests like rats and cockroaches, which can cause serious health hazards for you and your family members!

At BBQ Cleaning Newcastle, we provide professional help in cleaning your home appliance, which will keep it completely clean and tidy and safeguard its working mechanism from all kinds of damages. In addition to this, our services help eliminate the growth and multiplication of bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus by keeping germs away. We never charge you anything extra for our time and effort put into the job; moreover, get a chance to avail benefits of our special offers regularly!


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    You deserve a sparkling clean refrigerator!

    Your fridge can get dirty very quickly, but it’s not the sight of mould and grease that can cause serious health problems. Instead, food particles left in the crevices of your fridge (particularly on the door) are a magnet for bacteria that excrete toxins that can be harmful to humans, as well as attract pests such as cockroaches and flies to make themselves at home in your kitchen.

    With our Fridge Cleaning Service Newcastle, you will have access to the best possible professional cleaning treatments available. Whether you need a one-off clean following a big event or a regular deep clean, we offer an extensive range of flexible services tailored to your needs.

    Our Cleaning Process:

    For a professional oven cleaning service that is carbon-conscious, try BBQ Cleaning Newcastle.


    Our fridge technicians will always ensure that your fridge is defrosted before undertaking any cleaning procedures. Our specialist team can clean thoroughly to remove mould, grease, and bacteria by thawing the food and ice from all corners.


    We use a degreasing chemical that effectively removes ingrained stains in the refrigerator’s interior and exterior surfaces. This process makes sure that your surfaces are entirely spotless after we have completed the task.


    Vacuum cleaners are particularly useful in helping us to get rid of any leftover dust or particles that may be hiding inside your appliance during the deep cleaning. When used with other specialised equipment such as air movers, vacuum cleaners are particularly useful in eliminating contaminants.

    Liquids filling

    One of the most critical aspects of cleaning a fridge is thoroughly cleaning its plumbing systems, particularly water and liquid filler. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified to ensure maximum safety when working with water-related tasks such as this. Get your Fast fridge cleaned today for a cleaner future!

    Water Extraction

    The primary purpose behind draining the liquid found inside a refrigerator is that it can be extremely hazardous if left untouched. If you don’t have any interest in having an accident involving dangerously contaminated water, we advise you to discuss this matter with our professionals. We can safely drain out such liquids without damaging any other part of your appliance. It helps prevent future damage and corrosion.


    The second phase of our refrigerator cleaning process is the actual cleaning. It includes removing any food remnants or stains and sanitising all remaining parts that have not been covered under water removal. We make sure that every detail is taken care of during the fridge cleaning stage, including tight spots such as the gaps found between a fridge and its walls. Once we’re finished with your appliance, you are guaranteed to see a dramatic difference in both appearance and smell. You’ll also have nothing but peace of mind knowing that it’s completely safe to store food within!


    The final step of this process is our air sanitising treatment. We use special cleaning agents that remove foul odours and make your fridge smell nice and fresh again! It’s the perfect way to keep all of your food rotted/bad smelling foods from spreading through the rest of your home, not to mention it also helps you avoid paying for an additional cleaning service.

    Why choose BBQ Cleaning Newcastle for your refrigerator cleaning

    Our services are simply the best around when it comes to cleaning. Here at BBQ Cleaning Newcastle, we have used our years of experience and acquired valuable knowledge from other companies to ensure that no matter what kind of fridge you need to be cleaned, we can do it well! We guarantee excellent quality oven, fridge, microwave cleaning services as well as dishwasher clean.

    On-time fridge cleaning service
    Verified and trained fridge cleaners
    High-quality fridge cleaning products used for cleaning procedures
    100% Happiness guarantee with no hidden fees
    Amazing Customer service
    Affordable Prices
    expertly cleaned fridge by BBQ Cleaning Newcastle

    We strive for excellence in all that we do, ensuring that our fridge cleaning services cater to a customer’s most essential and basic needs. We take special care in treating your fridges with utmost respect so you can get rid of any fears regarding the safety of the contents inside your refrigerator. Rest assured that BBQ Cleaning Newcastle uses only safe products and certified cleaners who know exactly how to handle your appliance!

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