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Do you feel that your BBQ needs a refreshing? As professional BBQ cleaning experts, we can restore it to new. Dirty and greasy grills can be difficult to operate and very unhealthy as well.

We have been cleaning barbecues professionally for many years. If you want your BBQ to shine again like when it was new, don hesitate to call us. We offer instant quote services.

Local BBQ Cleaning Services in Newcastle

Let’s be honest here; a bbq grill cleaning can be a messy task. We understand how important your barbecue is for you. In other words, it is not just another piece of home equipment. You have come to realise how many family times you had around it. Your BBQ has produced those memorable gathering with family and friends.

Meanwhile, it has also allowed you to cook those fantastic meals that everybody keeps complimenting you to this day. When it comes to grilling, everything is about memorable moments, good food, and most importantly, good company. Don’t let an unclean grill jeopardise those moments. There is nothing better than having a bbq cleaners team on your corner.

At BBQ Cleaning Services Newcastle, we know the best way to clean a bbq. We are the bbq cleaners that Newcastle and the Hunter Region can count on.


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    About BBQ Cleaning Newcastle

    At Cleaning Bbq Newcastle, we take pride in our work and the fact that we are involved in our local community. We understand that to provide the best bbq cleaning service; we need to go beyond best bbq degreaser or the new bbq rust remover. Our Barbecue cleaners value your equipment the same way you do. In other words, we know that grills are an exceptional addition to your family. As a result of having one, you will generate a wonderful new atmosphere in your backyard. Spending quality time with family and friends is what life is about.

    However, it’s not the barbecue by itself that gather people around it, but it’s the food that you cook on it. We all come to realise the adverse effects that dirty and greasy barbecue equipment can produce. Nobody wants this to affect your ability to feed your family and friends during a gathering. With our comprehensive cleaning services, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything.

    Certainly, many people put off servicing their barbecue. This is more common during the winter months. By neglecting your bbq during this time, you are setting yourself up with a much bigger problem later. Our grill cleaner team can help you avoid this. We provide a wide range of professional barbecue cleaning services. From cleaning Weber Q to cleaning bbq burners, you can rely on us to get the job than right. With very reasonable bbq cleaning service cost, you don’t need to break the bank to bring your barbecue back to life. Call us and get an instant quote to have a weber bbq cleaner at your door today.

    Recently BBQ grill restored by BBQ Cleaning Newcastle
    Professionally cleaned barbecue grill

    BBQ Services our cleaners offer

    Most of the people consider BBQ cleaning as a burden. Majority of them just procrastinate the task. Even if you use a bbq cleaning set, the result can be very disappointing. Whatever the case, the best way to clean a barbecue is by hiring a bbq cleaning company. Our mobile bbq cleaning services can effectively restore your equipment to its original state. They can also considerably extend your grill’s life expands, making sure it is in top shape for your next event.

    We can also provide a comprehensive bbq repair service and part replacement. For those expensive bbq grills, maintenance is a must if you don’t want to expend more in the future. To find the best bbq cleaner and maintenance local company give us a call.

    Staff Cleaning a BBQ for a repeated customer

    BBQ Grill Cleaning Services

    At BBQ Cleaners Newcastle, we provide all kind of different services. If you have a top of the line BeefEater or a Weber Q, it would be a delight to work on them. That is to say, we provide a massive result with premium Australian barbecue brands.

    However, our grill and oven cleaners service any brand or style of bbq. From simple two burners to ten burners commercial barbeque, we clean them all. Whatever brand or shape your grill is, it won’t last for long if you don’t take care of it on a regular basis. Think of it as a car, for example. You not only have your car serviced but you also wash it as well. Likewise, by hiring a bbq grill cleaner, you will stop your barbecue from getting rusty as well as looking great.

    Black Charcoal Weber barbecue being light up

    Grill Cleaning Service

    Certainly, there is nothing funny about cleaning bbq grill grates. You might forget it sometimes or you just simply put it off. Likewise, you may be tempted to ignore altogether to cleaning the grill grates. Most of the time, this is due to lack of time or infrequent use. By cleaning the bbq grill grates, you make sure your equipment is in top conditions and is also safe to cook on. We have experience weber grill cleaners able to assist you when you need.

    To sum up, by cleaning your bbq hot plate and grill regularly you will enjoy a few advantages. Firstly, thoroughly clean grills equal to better food hygiene and health. Secondly, cleaned barbecue reduce the risk of grease fires hazards. Do yourself a favour and book a service today with BBQ Cleaning Newcastle. We know the best way to clean bbq plate.

    Newcastle BBQ Cleaning staff member working on a barbecue next to a pile of charcoal fire

    BBQ parts

    I can be difficult keeping your barbecue in top shape and properly functioning. Meanly due to the wide range of brands and models. Each one of them with different problems. Barbecue Repair Newcastle is here to make your life easy. We make it easy for you. In other words, no matter the problem your equipment is having or what part needs replacement. We provide comprehensive barbecue maintenance to ensure a long-lasting life service.

    Replacing problematic or worn parts will make your barbecue to work like when it was brand new. By doing so, your beloved bbq will look like fresh out of the box. This is especially true if the current state makes it seems like it has seen better days. Having the peace of mind of having a bbq you can rely on has no price. If you are considering throwing away your all Weber, call us today for a free repair quote.

    Pile of red hot charcoal on a barbecue

    BBQ Grill Restoration

    You can completely change your bbq look and feel with only a grill restoration. Therefore, saving you a considerable amount of money in the process. With years of experience in the field, BBQ Cleaners Newcastle can restore and clean out the rust on your bbq grill.

    We try and test every single method out there, conventional or not. From cleaning bbq grill with baking soda to using an oven cleaner on the grill, we know the best way to clean bbq grills. Call us today and book a cleaning Weber Q grill service.

    Beef and pork meat been cooked on a barbecue in Newcastle

    BBQ Cleaning Costs

    When it comes to hiring barbecue cleaning services, the cost will be part of the decision making process. However, it should be your only concern. Effectively cleaning bbq burners is not the most straightforward task. You could be tempted to think that you only need a bbq scraper and some wipes to do the job. This is far from the truth. For long-lasting and significant result, you need a professional bbq cleaner to do the job right.

    If you want to save time and money, call Newcastle BBQ Cleaners. We will ensure a piece of clean and safe cooking equipment. You will find our rates to be very competitive.

    Frequent Ask Question about Barbeque Cleaning

    Barbecue wire scraper used by Newcastle BBQ Cleaning company

    Should you clean a BBQ after every use?

    A fact of life is that nobody likes cleaning a grease bbq. But if you enjoy cooking outdoors, you should not compromise on this task. When not cleaned regularly, barbecues build up carcinogenic deposits that are bad for your health.

    After using your grill, it’s recommended to practise a simple clean. It is best to use a grill scraper. Ensure you are working on a still-hot grill and aim to brush off any food debris stuck on the plate. You can also make use of bbq wipes or even a bbq cleaning brush.

    Outdoor kitchen barbecue set up that Newcastle BBQ Cleaning usually maintenance

    How much does it cost to clean a BBQ?

    Regarding bbq cleaning service cost, it will depend entirely on the equipment size and features. When you are booking a service with one of our heavy-duty bbq cleaners, we will always confirm the bbq maker and model.

    If you are located in NSW, the minimum price you will be charged for a small weber barbecue cleaner service around $175 to $200. You will be facing a bill of $220 to $280 for a 2 to 4 burners BBQ. On the other hand, for 6 to 10 burners you will be looking at $290 to $350.

    Likewise, if you have an outdoor kitchen or a combination of BBQs give us a call and customise a quote for you.

    Man cleaning a Weber bbq grill with a piece of paper before cooking on it

    What happens if you don't clean grill?

    Unclean bbq equipment comes with a few drawbacks. Firstly, the food you cook on it will probably taste fanny. The reason for this is because old pieces of food stuck in the grill tend to dislodge and stick to what you are currently cooking.

    Secondly, grease and food debris expose to the warm Australian weather are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You might think that every time you light your barbecue up, you kill all bacteria, but that’s far from the truth. Think about underneath the burners, where grease leak through and it does not get nearly as hot as the cooking plate.

    Thirdly, studies have shown the direct relationship between incinerating meats and carcinogens agents. This is especially true with meat high in fat.

    To sum up, there are many inconveniences of not cleaning your barbecue regularly. Some others that we haven’t mention here are rodent and mould as well. We are just a call away for all your barbecue cleaning needs.

    BBQ spatula and bbq fork place on top of a barbecue grill

    How do you clean a BBQ after cooking?

    There are many different ways to clean your cooking equipment after you finish, but we have an easy to follow steps. After finish cooking, use a grill grate scraper to clean off any food debris. Likewise, turn on the burners for at least 5 minutes to burn off any grease excess on the plate or grill.

    Secondly, by turning off the gas bottle first, you burn away the excess gas in the gas hose before turning the burners knobs off. After the grill and plates cool down, remove them and thoroughly clean them with hot soapy water. A bbq cleaning brush will be convenient here. If your barbecue has any part made with cast iron, spray them with canola oil to prevent rusting. Before you place any cover on top of your barbecue, make sure it is cold to touch. Last but not least, keep your barbecue away from the harsh Australian sun.

    Weber BBQ recently restore by our staff

    How often do you clean BBQ?

    If you follow a regular cleaning procedure after every use, you should aim to have your barbecue professionally cleaned once every three months. Nowadays, with services like mobile bbq cleaning, it is straightforward to schedule an appointment. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.


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