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BBQ Cleaning Newcastle - Professional Appliance Cleaning Service

BBQ Cleaning Newcastle helps you by taking care of your home by offering a great variety of cleaning services. In addition, we provide professional appliance cleaning in Newcastle. Our objective is to deliver quality service that exceeds customer’s expectations.

Our cleaning staff is courteous and professional. We deliver the best results possible, “one customer at a time,” by treating our customers’ homes like they were our own. Our cleaning technicians are specially trained to make your house feel fresh and clean again.

Homeowners, Get Your Appliances Cleaned Today!

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Whether your appliances are working perfectly or they need repairs, we can help you clean them!

If you have appliances that make your home stand out because of their beauty and functionality but have become old, grimy, and dirty-looking over the years, you may not want to throw them away yet. You might be thinking of cleaning them instead. The question is: How do you get your appliances cleaned? It’s tough to handle with your own hands since our eyes don’t usually see so many parts and surfaces unless we are mechanically ­inclined. Some features may even require special chemicals for effective cleaning.

Experts in Appliance Cleaning That’s where BBQ Cleaning Newcastle comes in handy! We specialise in appliance cleaning services.


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    Highly Recognised Appliance Cleaning in Newcastle

    Our mission at BBQ Cleaning Newcastle is to provide a fast, friendly and affordable cleaning service. Our professional cleaners can do more than just an ordinary house clean. We are specialised in cleaning BBQs.

    Our professionals will clean the outside of your BBQ and the inside, ensuring it’s free from grease and food residue whilst sanitising at the same time.


    We help you by taking care of your home by offering a great variety of cleaning services. All jobs are completed with the utmost professional attitude and respect.

    We have the following cleaning services:

    Oven Cleaning
    Rangehood Cleaning
    Cooktop Cleaning
    Microwave Cleaning
    Fridge Cleaning
    Dishwasher Cleaning


    We use technology and techniques that are safe for the environment and your home. We make environmentally friendly choices when using cleaning products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.


    We believe that cleaning services should go beyond just an ordinary ‘house’ clean, that’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a variety of unique cleaning services.

    We are also committed to providing you with quality customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. It is guaranteed, or your money back!


    BBQ Cleaning Newcastle professionals will arrive at the scheduled time prepared to complete the job. All staff members are professional and friendly while having the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right. We guarantee discretion as well, and your details will not be shared without prior approval from yourself.

    Why Choose Us?

    You can trust us to clean your appliances for you!

    On-time service every time
    First-class customer service guaranteed
    Local, reliable, and fully insured service
    Cost-effective and budget-friendly service
    Guarantees your total satisfaction with our cleaning work
    Highly effective results in the end
    Free quote for you to ponder upon before hiring us
    Money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction with our services
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    Professional Appliance Cleaners in Newcastle

    BBQ Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide excellent results. Our workers are highly trained in the field, with customer service being our top priority. We aim to make sure all customers are happy with our work no matter what it takes. We strive to do the best we can for every client and leave them satisfied with their experience.

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      Newcastle BBQ Cleaning Google Reviews and Trust Badge

      Your Local BBQ Cleaning Company in Newcastle

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